Lafco Champagne Liquid Soap By Bluemercury


This soap makes your skin smell lightly of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry. It’s made with olive oil to keep your skin moist.


This Lafco hand and body wash offers a world of vibrant scents and deep hydration. It features fresh aromas of orange, mandarin zest, raspberry, and Tuscan lemon, mixed with grapefruit and ginger for a sparkling twist. Added scents of rose, neroli, and verbena with a base of vetiver enhance its bright and lively fragrance. Made with natural ingredients, it not only cleanses but also regenerates, protects, and moisturizes your skin, leaving it with a luxurious scent.

Key Benefits

  • Cleans and hydrates your skin.
  • Leaves a lasting fragrance.

Scent Notes

  • Top: Mandarin Zest, Raspberry, Orange
  • Middle: Grapefruit, Neroli, Ginger
  • Bottom: Rose, Verbena, Vetiver

Main Ingredients

  • Olive Oil, Wheat Amino Acids, Aloe, Argan Oil, Rice Protein, Lactic Acid, and more, including water and organic extracts.

How to Use

Just pump a small amount of soap into your palm and gently massage it into your skin.


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