Do you have ideas, reviews or news related to beauty topics? Are you an expert who write about beauty niche want to provide advice on how to look your best? If you are excited to answer, we have a fantastic opportunity for you! At Erothots, our blog is powered by community members like you, We are always in a search for expert writers to share the expert opinion. Our blog is a lively place where beaut aficionados congregate to motivate, educate, and empower one another, we are like a community of a beauty network.

On EROthots, bloggers cover a wide range of beauty related topics. Apart from the fantastic chance to contribute to the fashion society, having your blogs and articles published here will help you reach out to a new audience and express your original thoughts.

Before You Start Writing, Know About Quickly EROthots

EROthots Salon – House of Beauty

EROthots aka – House of Beauty. At EROthots, we make beauty personal. We aim for great results for every guest. Our team aims to focus on new trends to give you a look that’s right for you, inspired by global fashion trends. We treat our visitors like Royality! We think visiting Erothots should be fun and valuable, not just something you do out of necessity. So we think the same in terms of written content available for our readers, we don’t want our online visitors to feel like they’re sifting through generic information. Instead, we ensure our content is engaging, personalized, and as unique as the beauty needs.

Our Goal Behind Accepting Write For Us Pitches From Community Members

Apart from our beauty services we promise, our goal for for beauty blog is to provide our readers with the latest and most accurate information, first hand reviews, update about latest trends & updates, and insider knowledge to empower their beauty journey.

Why Write for Us?

Let’s talk about why you should write for Erothots:

Space For Every Beauty Topic

Our site covers more than just the latest beauty product reviews. You get to share your favorite tips and stories that help everyone feel good about how they look. It’s all about making sure that no matter what their shape, skin tone, or gender, is everyone can find their own way to shine. Join us to spread love and confidence one post at a time! We celebrate our website blog as community that is space on the web for every being. We love to publish the type of advice you share with our readers to feel attractive and confident in their own special manner.

Growing Audience Engagement Rate

Our community is expanding! We have seen the engagement rate increase by 150% from last quarter. It’s the evidence that readers of the beauty niche want to read, share, and debate the content ideas you write for us. If you’re a writer, it’s an awesome thing to see how readers are taking time to read and discuss your ideas. We have a lively, encouraging, and always willing community to learn from one another.

Profile Building + Professional connections

Writing for Erothots will help you become much more visible online, whether you’re a beauty artist, salon worker, or someone with a talent for putting together amazing beauty stuff reviews. We will prominently include links to your own websites and social media accounts alongside your bio. Several of our contributors have doubled their Instagram followers after joining us! As you write regularly on our blog, you’ll start to see how these articles reach our readers (these readers can also be), industry professionals, influencers, and brands who are on the lookout for fresh voices and new collaborations. It’s not just about putting words on a page; it’s about opening doors to new opportunities that can grow your career in beauty, skincare, hair, etc niche. You’ll become a trusted source of beauty knowledge and potentially a key influencer in the beauty community. This platform isn’t just a blog; it’s a launchpad for your next big break in the beauty industry. Let’s say you use different skincare products and you write reviews about them at Erothots and your profile has the link to your Youtube channel or your email is mentioned, ultimately brands can reach out to you for reviewing their product organically on your Youtube channel.

Who Can Write for Us?

Who Can Write Beauty Content For Us?
Who Can Write for Us?

Maybe you’re asking, “Am I perfect to write for Erothots?” We invite a wide variety of authors who each contribute their own viewpoint to our discussions on beauty topics.

  • First hand user, if you have used a beauty or skincare product and now want to share your experience.
  • Beauty Stylist or Esthetician, willing to provide professional insights, tips, and innovative techniques that can help others in their skincare and makeup routines.
  • If you are a Hair Stylist (hairdresser) and want to share hair design ideas, trends, or detailed guides on different hairstyles that can inspire and educate our audience.
  • Beauty Practitioners and Salon workers willing to share the work expertise, discussing what products worked best for the clients, and providing insights on the latest salon techniques and how they enhance client satisfaction.
  • Dermatologists or Cosmetologists who can offer expert advice on skin health, explain the effectiveness of various treatments and products, and contribute detailed articles on how to care for different skin types or address specific skin conditions.
  • Developers or Manufacturers of the product: Describing the science behind the product or willing to announce new products, manufactured with sustainable practices and their benefits, helping consumers make informed choices.
  • Makeup Artists who want to showcase their creative looks, share makeup tutorials, mehnding designs or want to offer tips on achieving flawless makeup for various occasions.
  • Nail technicians, keeping our audience updated with the latest nail trends, nail polish designs, and techniques for maintaining healthy and stylish nails.
  • College Students: Share inexpensive beauty and style advice that caters to a student budget, focusing on both affordability and effectiveness.
  • Experienced beauty industry writers willing to educate readerrs with following topics:
    • Beauty Products,
    • Makeup Tips,
    • Skincare Guide
    • Beauty Standards,
    • Hair Care,
    • Body Care,
    • Nails,
    • Eye Makeup,
    • Lips,
    • Beauty Tips, Etc
    • Male Grooming,
    • Lifestyle & Wellness,
    • Etc(relevant).

Some Sample Posts:

One motivation to get you started writing is many people can benefit from your experience. Your recommendations and advice will help our readers learn more.

Guidelines & Requirements :

If you are interested in writing a blog for us, however there are some guidelines that we require you to follow:

Guidelines & Requirements
Guidelines & Requirements

Content Requirements:

  • If you share via email it must be in a Word/Online DOC format.
  • Content tone must be in a natural way (research paper or promotional tone not recommended).
  • It must include relevant headings.
  • It must have transition words (discourse markers).
  • Correct use of grammar and spelling.
  • You should use simple vocabulary instead of superfluous words.
  • Paragraphs must contain short and meaningful sentences.
  • You may add meta description containing between 140 and 160 characters.
  • There is no specific limit for words. Word count is depended on topic idea you chose, some articles may require 3000+ words some might be covered in 300 words.
  • Write orignal content that is unique and well researched. It must have value for our readers, informative, and engaging,
  • The topics must be focused on beauty niche, avoid writing off topic.
  • Submissions must be plagiarism free and not published elsewhere, including our internal blogs.

Research and Sources:

  • Credible and reputable sources must support all claims, statistics, and factual information.
  • Use the most recent authentic sources when citing sources.
  • Articles referencing peer-reviewed studies, authoritative medical organizations, or expert insights will receive preference.

Writing Style & Tone:

  • The writing style of articles should be clear, concise, and engaging for a general audience.
  • Avoid excessive use of technical jargon or complex fashion terminology unless necessary and properly explained.
  • Maintain a balanced and objective tone, refraining from sensationalism or fear-mongering.


  • Include quality, relevant image(s), infographics or videos to support the article text (minimum 1,200 x 674 pixels, WEBP FORMAT is recommended).
  • Clearly state the source of the image(s) and ensure compliance with copyright and fair use guidelines.

Mobile Optimization:

As per latest research, Over 60% of our readers use smartphones. Ensure your articles are mobile-friendly:

  • Short Paragraphs: 2-5 sentences each.
  • Bulleted Lists: Easy to read and give instant key understanding.
  • Responsive Images: Look good on any screen size

Author Bio:

  • We suggest you to add brief author bio (50–100 words) with a professional headshot and relevant social media links, so people can really know about you.
  • You can also include your website or other social profile links.

Editorial Process:

  • All submissions will undergo a thorough editorial(moderation) review process, including fact-checking and plagiarism checks.
  • Our editorial team reserves the right to make necessary edits for clarity, style, and consistency while preserving the author’s voice and message, we may add or remove links as per our editorial understanding.
  • Editorial feedback may prompt authors to revise or modify their submissions.

Social Sharing:

  • We encourage authors to use their personal and professional networks to promote their published articles, thereby expanding the reach and impact of their work.
  • Authors should actively engage with readers by responding to comments and participating in discussions related to their article.

By following these guidelines, your guest post submission will stand out, demonstrating your expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality, valuable content to our health-conscious audience.

Submission Process:

Complete the online submission form, providing a brief summary of your proposed article and your qualifications as a writer or subject matter expert.

Alternatively, you can email your complete article draft, along with your author bio and any relevant multimedia elements, to [email protected]

Our editorial team will review your submission and provide a response within 1 to 3 business days.

Send us topic suggestions today.