Isoclean Carbon Brush Soap By Lookfantastic


Keep Your Makeup Brushes Performing Like New With ISOCLEAN’s Carbon Brush Soap.


Elevate your makeup brush care with the innovative Carbon Brush Soap from ISOCLEAN. This unique cleansing solution combines the purifying power of activated carbon within a solid soap form, accompanied by a dedicated scrubbing mat for an exceptionally deep clean. Designed to penetrate the brush bristles, it effectively removes accumulated makeup, dirt, and metallic residues from cosmetic products, while also combating harmful microbes and spores to safeguard your skin against breakouts.

The carbon’s absorption capabilities ensure a pristine clean, contributing to the longevity and performance of your makeup brushes. With the inclusion of a scrubbing pad and a specially designed soap dish, the process of cleaning your brushes becomes both efficient and straightforward. Simply moisten your brush, lather it on the carbon soap, and then gently scrub to achieve a thorough cleanse.

Proudly vegan and cruelty-free, this product stands as a testament to ethical beauty practices.

How To Use

Begin by dampening your makeup brush with water. Gently swirl it over the carbon soap to coat the bristles thoroughly. Then, use the scrubbing mat to work up a lather and deeply cleanse the brush. Rinse with water, carefully squeeze out any excess moisture, and leave the brush to dry naturally.


The soap base comprises Aqua, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Stearate, and Sodium Laurate, among other ingredients, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse. Enhanced with Coconut Oil for its nourishing properties, Lemongrass Oil for a refreshing scent, and Activated Carbon for its detoxifying effects, this brush soap is designed for efficiency and safety. A touch of Black Candle Wax Dye is used to achieve its distinctive appearance.

For the most current and detailed ingredient information, it is advisable to refer to the product packaging before use.

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