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Fortify strands and encourage stronger, thicker hair with the Grow Gorgeous Intense Duo. This luxurious shampoo and conditioner bundle combine the perfect …


Elevate your hair’s vitality and strength with the exceptional Grow Gorgeous Intense Duo, a premium combination of shampoo and conditioner crafted for a weekly transformation. This exquisite pair melds the essence of haircare with skincare virtues, enriching the scalp, roots, and lengths of your hair, nurturing it towards a more voluminous, luminous, and resilient state.

Intense Thickening Shampoo (250ml)

Revitalize your hair with the Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Shampoo, a richly nourishing concoction designed to cleanse and rejuvenate from root to tip. This vegan formulation is a powerhouse of revitalization, employing a blend of invigorating ingredients like Caffeine and Biotin to awaken and energize the roots, while Niacinamide fortifies the scalp’s natural defenses.

Infused with essential Amino Acids, a core element of keratin, it works to reinforce and stretch the strands, aiming for a longer, thicker, and more luxurious mane. The inclusion of Rice Protein not only amplifies volume but also instills a radiant shine, making this treatment a cornerstone for reviving thin and brittle hair.

Intense Thickening Conditioner (250ml)

Transform thin, sparse, and weakened hair into a picture of health with the Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Conditioner. This formula is dedicated to enriching your hair, making it appear denser and more robust from the first use.

Featuring a blend of nourishing ingredients including omega-rich Amla Oil and stimulating Caffeine, it begins at the scalp and roots, laying down the groundwork for hair that not only looks healthier but feels it too. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid alongside Biotin, B-Vitamins, and Amino Acids, forms a protective barrier against hair thinning, ensuring each follicle is nurtured towards achieving a fuller, smoother, and more vibrant appearance. Rice Protein returns to lend its volume-boosting and shine-enhancing powers, ensuring every strand breathes with new life.

Free from Parabens and Sulphates.

Application Guidelines

Shampoo: Massage into damp hair and scalp, ensuring full coverage, then rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner: Distribute evenly through the lengths of your hair. Allow to sit for two minutes before rinsing off.

Constituent Components

Intense Thickening Shampoo includes Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, and a suite of cleansing and nourishing ingredients designed to invigorate and cleanse the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

Intense Thickening Conditioner is formulated with Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetearyl Alcohol, and a blend of enriching agents that work to fortify the hair from the inside out, promoting a thicker, healthier look.

For the most accurate and up-to-date ingredient information, always refer to the packaging of the product before use.


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