Galactic Lid Gloss (Various Shades) By Eyeko


Effortlessly add shimmering dimension to any makeup look with our Galactic Lid Gloss, a cream eyeshadow with a stunning chrome glitter finish. This iridescent cream eyeshadow transforms your eyes from day to night with just one stroke.


Make a statement with our Galactic Lid Gloss, a cream eyeshadow with a chrome glitter finish. This iridescent cream eyeshadow effortlessly adds shimmering dimension with just one stroke, transforming your look from day to night. With a soft, flat applicator, Galactic Lid Gloss glides seamlessly across eyelids for a lightweight shimmer. Apply one coat for subtle shine or build up for a more dramatic finish.

Available Shades

  1. Zodiac: A warm rosy copper, perfect for day or night.
  2. Luna: A warm yellow gold, flecked with silver pigments.
  3. Stardust: A shimmering silver, ideal for highlighting the eyes.
  4. Retrograde: A sultry muted purple, perfect for a smokey eye.
  5. Solstice: A true gold, great for all-over shimmer or to highlight key areas.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Vegan Society Registered: Certified vegan product.
  • Iridescent Cream Glitter: Provides a stunning chrome glitter finish.
  • Lightweight and Buildable: Easy to apply and layer for desired intensity.

How to Use

Sweep across eyelids and blend out for a subtle shimmer. Allow Galactic Lid Gloss to dry on the lids, then build up another layer for serious pigment and shine. Pair with our Black Magic Eyeliner and Black Magic Mascara to intensify your look.

Want to Know More?

Here are three best ways to use Galactic Lid Gloss:

  1. Layer with Double Act Shadow Sticks: Add intensity to your look.
  2. Define with Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner: Enhance eye definition.
  3. Complete with Black Magic Mascara: Achieve a dramatic effect.

Product Details

  • Volume: Each shade is available in a convenient tube with a soft, flat applicator.
  • Directions: Apply with the applicator, blend with fingers or a brush, and layer as desired.


Check the specific shade for a detailed list of ingredients.




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