Dinto Bronte Melting Glow Lip Balm 1.7g By Olive Young


Content Volume: 1.7g

Suitable For: All skin types

Expiration: 36 months unopened, 12 months after opening

Application Tips:

Roll up the stick gradually and apply to the lips.

For a vibrant color, layer the product.


  • Ultimate Lip Care: Offers pure shades with a volumizing glow.
  • Skin-Friendly Formula: Infused with a high amount of softeners for excellent lip care.
  • Delicate Shades: Provides a clear, subtle color without heavy pigmentation.
  • Inspiration: The collection draws inspiration from 19th-century English families, delivering comfort and a moisturizing glow.
  • Bare Skin Application: Glides smoothly on bare lips, resulting in a delicate and vivid shade with a glowing effect.
  • Lightweight Texture: The moisturizing texture is light and non-sticky, offering a comfortable, pure makeup finish.
  • Temperature Reactive: Melts at skin temperature for a moisturizing effect without stickiness.
  • Vivid First Application: Offers a clear, non-pigmented shade that applies vividly without smudging.
  • Literary Inspiration: The deep, unique shades are inspired by classical literature, providing a sophisticated look.

Key Ingredients

  • High Skin Affinity: Contains lip softeners for long-lasting comfort against cold wind.
  • Dual Oil Coats: Made with oils that have a high refractive index and a thick paste for a dense, glowing layer.
  • Softener and Essence: High content of softeners and essence for enhanced skin affinity and moisture.

How to Use

  1. Dispense: Roll up the stick 1–2mm at a time.
  2. Apply: Smooth onto the lips. For a more vibrant color, apply multiple layers.

Available Shades

  • Charlotte: Delicate nude peach with a hint of neon pink.
  • Emily: Bright coral pink for a lively look.
  • Anne: Vintage red, reminiscent of dawn’s fog.
  • Branwell: Deep brick beige for a genderless, elegant look.
  • Angria: Sensual beige with a hint of plum for a luxurious see-through effect.
  • Wuthering Heights: Red rose shade evoking a dewy rose garden.
  • Agnes Grey: Pure mauve grey with soft lilac tones.
  • Villette: Warm, sweet mango tulip, like sunshine.
  • Gondal: Scarlet stone shade symbolizing an imaginary world.
  • Glass Town: Colorless balm for lip care.

Manufacturer and Distributor

  • Manufacturer: Trend Maker Co., Ltd.
  • Country of Manufacture: South Korea


  • Avoid storing in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Quality Assurance

  • Defective products are compensated according to the Fair Trade Commission’s consumer dispute settlement criteria.

Customer Service

  • Contact: +82-70-4234-4540


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