Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap 300ml (Various Options) By Lookfantastic


Suitable for frequent hand washing. Can also be use in the shower. Apply on damp skin


Immerse yourself in the artisanal charm of Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap. This exquisite hand and body wash is delicately scented with a bespoke fragrance crafted in the heart of Grasse, renowned globally as the perfume capital. Embrace the fusion of tradition and nature with this soap, meticulously prepared in a cauldron to preserve the time-honored methods of soap making. It’s enriched with Vegetable Oils and the naturally foaming properties of Coconut to cleanse your skin deeply, leaving it free from dirt and impurities. Whether used as a luxurious hand soap or as a refreshing bath and shower gel, its formula is gentle yet effective.

Committed to purity, this soap is devoid of colorants and animal fats, ensuring a natural and ethical skincare experience.

Usage Instructions

For a revitalizing clean, pump a small amount onto wet hands, lather, and then rinse away with water. It’s perfect for those who frequently wash their hands, offering a gentle yet thorough cleanse each time. Alternatively, transform your shower into a sanctuary by applying it to damp skin, massaging gently, and then rinsing off, leaving your skin refreshed and lightly fragranced.

Product Details

Range: Cashmere & Delicate
Volume: 10.1 fl. oz
Brand: Compagnie de Provence


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